IT Training : Honolulu, Hawaii

ACTT has been teaching government, corporations and organizations for sixteen years, holding a tradition of extensive and in-depth study of the business application and information technology course series. This ensures that students can apply successfully, in their present or future work environment, the knowledge acquired in our classrooms. Our students are counseled individually throughout the program, and special attention is paid to matching their personal career needs to the courses presented.

We emphasize quality by having classes that have a longer duration, ensuring that there are always hands on labs, that the number of students is always small for each class, and that we bring in instructors with real world experience. Our instructors excel in the classroom delivery, by implementing the company’s vetted methodology and multi-faceted pedagogy, with a curriculum that produces a mature, high-quality learning environment for all students. We strive to set ourselves apart, by way of mentoring our instructors with didactic best practices throughout our educational programs.

ACTT’s reputation for producing high-caliber students can be measured quantitatively and qualitatively by customers and employers alike. Our educational team is equally important to ACTT. Instructors’ talents are utilized with careful consideration to their professional interests and passions. This produces loyalty and career longevity at ACTT, which translates into a dedicated and rich curriculum for the students. We strive to fulfill our team’s career growth as well, and to engage them proactively in the development of our company.