The Challenge

Organizations have serious IT challenges that need to be addressed in the most effective manner.  Some of these challenges are:

  • Managing the cost of hard-to-find IT skills that ensure training in the latest methodologies
  • Access to IT skills when and where needed on a changing and flexible basis, while complying with standards and best practices
  • Leveraging leading IT skills without a long-term expenditure in costly training

The Solution

ACTT is proud of the on-site support services provided to small and large organizations, such as the Department of Defense, where members of our team augment the client’s talent pool by delivering high quality skills and experience.  Our professionals have consistently delivered in a variety of areas, ranging from business process analysis to specialized technology operations.  From knowledge management to SQL administrators, and enterprise computing programmers, our team has been recognized for its reliability and its consistency in high performance.

We understand our clients’ constant struggles to retain and train IT experts, along with the lack of required skills when and where they are needed.  For this reason, ACTT’s on-site support enables our clients to increase or augment their existing technical support capabilities -quickly and cost-effectively - by taking great care in allocating the right resource for the assigned task, for either short or long-term engagements.  Moreover, meeting aggressive timelines often requires a surge in support.  We understand the challenge and strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients, by deploying a superior team with a range of IT skills, project/program management, and business process expertise.

Our staff augmentation services provide skilled personnel to help develop, maintain, manage and support systems and applications; as well as cybersecurity, infrastructure, design and operational needs of any organization.