ACTT in partnership with the non-profit, Ho‘ā‘a is launching a first of its kind Pilot Program aimed a bridging the education-employment gap for individuals interested in pursuing a career in Information Technology. ACTT will provide training at no expense* to participants and provide job placement opportunities upon completion.

Candidates Requirements:
1. Be available to attend class Monday-Friday for four (4) hours per day between the hours 1200 – 2100 (12 p.m. – 9 p.m.) for a minimum of 9 months
2. Must agree to report employment records for two (2) years after completion
3. Successfully Complete the Training Program
– Attain a passing grade of 70% (C) or better
– Attain the required Industry Certifications upon course completion
*A $1,500 deposit is required but will be fully refunded upon successful completion

If interested in applying, please see the application here: Pilot_Application_1.