Applied Computer Training & Technology, Inc. (ACTT) is a business established in1999; granted SBA 8(a) status by the Small Business Administration in May 2011; and State of Hawai‘i DBE certified in March 2012.

Although ACTT originally began as an IT training center, it expanded its operations in 2011 to include military, government, and corporate contracted services. As one of the only combined IT specific training center & contracted service provider in Hawai‘i, ACTT has a strong representation in the Asia-Pacific Rim. ACTT has engaged in partnerships and collaborations with world-class technology solution firms for over a decade, and successfully extended its services and service philosophy throughout the Continental United States in 2015.


As a blended company that offers professional, strategic and tactical technology services as well as business and certification-path technology training, ACTT is a unique industry provider. At ACTT, we view our employees, partners, students and clients as extended members of our family, and we are fully committed to helping them thrive. That is why we adhere to the motto, “we don’t over promise and under-deliver; we always strive to meet and exceed expectations.”

As an IT Training Institution

ACTT is licensed to provide Information Technology and Computer Application training by the State of Hawai‘i, Department of Education. Our student population is diverse with various professional backgrounds and includes former veterans, injured or displaced workers, Department of Defense and government employees, as well as corporate environment clientele.

We strive to prepare each and every one of our students to become trained, skilled, and where applicable, industry-certified professionals. To ensure our students are able to thrive, all of our on-site classes are set in small and intimate environments with a low student to teacher ratio. And, our training is focused on hands-on opportunities and application of knowledge to real-world environments.

 As an IT Service Provider

After becoming granted SBA 8(a) status, ACTT expanded to include IT professional services. ACTT is currently headquartered in Hawai‘i, with an operating office in the Washington DC Metro-area and employees in Hawai‘i, Virginia, Maryland,the District of Columbia, California, and Arkansas. Our primary clientele for professional services is the U.S. Government and military agencies.

ACTT’s core competencies and specializations include Enterprise Help Desk, System Administration, Application Engineering, Network Systems Support, Information Assurance, Project Management, Office Administration and Cyber Security/CyberSafety.


The five core values of ACTT are:

    • Promote Standards of Excellence
    • Demonstrate Integrity & Honesty
    • Perform with Dedication to our Clients’ Needs
    • Engage in Cooperative Interaction and Create Synergy
    • Pursue Growth through Innovation


ACTT’s mission is to become a premier provider of information technology (IT) professional services and training. We are committed to achieving the highest standards of customer satisfaction and pledge that “we don’t over promise and under-deliver; we always strive to meet and exceed expectations.” While we are constantly exploring and applying new technologies and practices to remain current in an ever changing market, we have always remained true to our core values and recognize our employees and partners as valuable assets to our success.

ISO 9001